Texas 50th Season

Rehearsal for Texas started this past week. Andrew had the honor of being in the show two seasons (2012 & 2013). If you are ever in the Amarillo, Texas, area in summer, it is worth the time and drive to see this wonderful outdoor musical. 

This week I wrote a quick note to my friends in the show, young and old. 

To all my friends in Texas 50th Season:


Make new friends. Help the new kids feel welcome and show them the ropes. Have a blast. Rest when you need to, but don’t sleep all your spare time away. Definitely participate in the fire training! It’s a blast to be set on fire! Take care of your feet and your voice. Get some sleep! Call your moms. Text your dads (but not while driving). Snapchat your siblings. Find time to do laundry. Don’t drink and drive. Be sure to have an “Andrew Duncan Panty Raid”. Share your toys, be kind, and get to bed before two on show nights. If in school, do you homework. Explore the area on Mondays, there’s some cool stuff around there. Do the Shakespeare plays. Forgive often, laugh, and make great memories.

 It’s going to be a great summer!

Love you all,
Momma Duncan

PS. Give me a hug when I come see you.

I suppose I should explain what an Andrew Duncan Panty Raid is. 

(First, you need to know that Andrew was a bit clumsy off-stage. On the dance stage he was graceful and a talented dancer. But anywhere else, he could trip over his own shadow.)

Now to explain the panty raid part….

The adults (real responsible adults, not just folks over 21) help organize themed panty raids at Texas. They check to be sure all in the targeted dressing room are descent, then have the guys or girls run through the other dressing area. For example, a Cowboys theme raid may include water guns. 

For the Andrew Duncan Themed Raid, the guys ran through the gals dressing area tripping on things, knocking things over, and falling down. Yep, it was a success.  Andrew found it hysterical. Everyone was laughing. It is a tradition that will last a few more years. 

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