Bike Riding 

 Saturday, we went cycling in Chicago.

In preparation, we rode 18-20+ miles Sunday and Thursday. I am not very fast and was a bit nervous about riding to town, but those rides helped me gain confidence that I could do the Saturday ride.

We had never done anything like this before. Our rides are usually around our home town or at cycling events with well-marked routes and sag wagons. This was going to be an adventure!

We checked the Web to be sure of our route. Ron checked the rules for taking bikes on the trains. We verified the train schedules to be sure which to get on to town and which to ride home. They were different trains and we left town from a different station than the one where we arrived. We double checked everything! Our phones were charged and we packed extra layers of clothes in case it rained on us.

Turns out it was raining early Saturday, so we left later then originally planned. We didn’t head out until about 10:30. We parked our car at a nearby Metra station then rode the Great Western Trail to the Prairie Trail.

After about 13 miles we stopped for lunch in lovely Elmhurst. We ate a local Italian deli. Back on trail for another nine miles to the Forrest Park “L” station. We only got lost once. A quick train ride and we found ourselves by the Chicago Stock Exchange.

It was a bit harrowing riding through downtown traffic. We arrived just as a large university graduation was letting out. Maneuvering through the crowds of people in addition to cars took great patience, but we did it. We made it to the lake.

I could hardly believe I was actually riding my bicycle with my love in Chicago! It was about 70 degrees and mostly sunny. Beautiful day. So much fun!  We rode about ten miles along the lake shore then found a deli for dinner.

Our Metra ride back to car was almost an hour. The train was comfortable and we enjoyed the time to rest.

We had left the hotel at 10:30 and arrived back about 8:00. Total mileage ridden on my bike was about 35.

Back at hotel, we hobbled to the hot tub for a relaxing soak. A couple of Tylenol and it was off to bed.

I am grateful that I am able to ride a bike, and I am thankful for a husband who wants to spend the day with me. It was a wonderful day.


7 thoughts on “Bike Riding 

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  3. Hello! I found your blog through the community pool. This was fun to read. I like your blog, it’s very easy to navigate through the layout and the posts are well written. I’ve never been to Chicago, and I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but now I want to go out here in Austin and just bike around downtown. Keep posting! I’m a new follower and feel free to comment on my blog as well. Let’s support each other!

    -Romina @

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