One of these things is not like the other…

I wish that Ron always came home to this:

Unfortunately, he too often comes home to this:

Can you tell the difference between the two pictures?

I’m not talking about the wet hair and no makeup in the second picture. Can you tell what is different about the first picture? What matters?

I am talking about the smile! 

In the top picture, I am looking up and smiling! 
It is a choice.

The only thing that changed in the twenty minutes between taking the two pictures is that I took time to dry & style my hair and apply a bit of makeup…and I CHOSE to change my attitude.

My attitude in the bottom photo:

I am in a hotel alone all day.

We got to this hotel about eleven last night after Ron took a wrong turn, which means we didn’t even get to bed before midnight, and Ron was up making lots of noise at 6:00.

Not enough sleep for me.

I have no car. No way to go any place but to walk.

I have to check out by 11:00, but Ron won’t be back to get me before six. So I have to hang out in the hotel lobby alone all day.

Then we have to drive three hours to the next town and next hotel. Where I will sit alone all day tomorrow. 

My attitude in the top photo:

I am traveling with my love!

We had a great bike ride and fun dinner last night.

We got here late, but the detour was an adventure. And no one was hurt by a driving a few miles out of the way.

Ron woke me early, but I am grateful that my husband works so hard and cares about making his business a success!

I got a little nap in after he left. It is sooooo sweet to curl up under the warm covers for a quick nap after my love kisses me goodbye in the mornings!

Late breakfast (cooked and cleaned up by someone else!) before checkout, then I’m off to explore the area around the hotel!

A walk will be nice in this lovely Wisconsin weather! If I don’t find anything fun to do, oh well!

I have a few good books to read and a safe place to hang out while reading. I might even get another lesson of Nehemiah done this afternoon!

And I am grateful for the quiet business center at the hotel. I can use their computers to check Facebook and, of course, write in my blog. Life is good on the road!

My attitude is a choice. Daily I choose life or death. Joy or sorrow. Grief or gratefulness. What will you choose today?

9 thoughts on “One of these things is not like the other…

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  2. Oh, the tough choices we have to make when we are grieving the loss of a child. I know for me I chose God’s peace as soon as I found out my son was dead. Though there are still so many emotional ups and downs that have followed . . . His peace has conquered them all! ~ Blessings to you and yours Kathleen ~

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