I have not personally known anyone who gave his or her life while serving in the military. But too many of my friends and my son grieve those they stood beside in school, boot camp, training, and battle and who paid the ultimate price for this country. 

I have friends whose sons or grandsons died in foreign lands fighting for this country, protecting our freedom. 

Many remember and grieve their comrades who died too soon for our liking: some in battle, some in training accidents, some at their own hand. Soldiers, Marines, pilots who left family, wives, and children behind to carry on and keep their memories alive. 
Today I pray for them, for the families, spouses, children, and friends left behind. I pray that the Comforter may bring them peace in their grief, that He may bring healing and joy to their lives. 
And I pray that we remember our freedom is not free. Many have paid the price for my freedom. I am grateful.

I am also grateful that Christ paid the price for my freedom from condemnation and sin. Freedom on this earth and spiritual freedom are not free, but both are available. May you choose freedom today. Amen. 

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