Soaring Stats

The past few days my stats have been soaring. This happens every month or so. And I hate it!  

You see, the reason my stats are soaring is because someone shared What bereaved parents want you to know (but may not say).  

Last month someone shared What parents with a baby in Heaven may want you to know (but may not say) causing my stats to soar. 

People share these two articles on FB, usually because they have lost a child. That is why I hate to see my stats soar: I know another family has experienced the death of a child. I know another momma is grieving. A dad is feeling the pain of loss. Brothers and sisters have watched their parents bury their sibling. So I hate seeing my stats soar. 

And I pray.


You know what it is like to see Your Son die.

Because of Your great love for us, You freely gave Him to come into the world, to live, teach, laugh, and suffer. You gave Him to die for us. Jesus willingly came, and willingly He suffered and died for us. And because He lived, died, and rose again, we can have peace and eternal life. Because my son chose life in Christ while on earth, he now lives eternally in heaven with You.

Thank you for peace and healing. 

For the hurting, grieving families who have buried a child this week or month, I pray peace, comfort and grace. Give them strength to make it through one more day. Help them. Comfort them. Draw them to You. Show them Your love, compassion, and mercy.  Help them to seek truth and protect them from the lies of the enemy. Give wisdom to their friends, family and clergy that they may know how to love, support, and comfort the hurting parents and siblings. Give them all grace to forgive when needed and joy to laugh often. 

Until we see You face to face, help us to live well and to love one another. Give us hope while we wait for the glorious reunion in heaven.

 In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen. 

2 thoughts on “Soaring Stats

  1. Another way to look at those soaring statistics is that there’s another family that you are helping. You really are helping a lot of people…not just those that lose someone but their families and their friends. So that’s the flip side.


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