Responding to Comments 

Fall of 2013, I started this blog to keep friends and family updated on how we were doing after The Accident. It was a way to show them that we were okay, healing in our grief. 

My goal was never a big audience or large following. It was an outlet for my thoughts, a way to process my grief. I wanted to honor my family, glorify God, and help others heal while sharing my journey through grief into grace.

I haven’t worked at publicizing or growing my audience. But people started reading my words. And they commented on my writing. I tried to respond to each comment. I tried to visit the blogs of new followers and thank them for the follow. This was an easy task when I averaged less than a hundred visitors per week with only one or two comments per month. 

Over time, the number of readers and followers grew slowly. 

By the end of last month, my blog had grown to a whopping forty or fifty visitors per day. Not a big crowd. I had a few dozen followers. Some became blog friends. Folks dropped by each day to read what I had to say and to chat. I easily managed to answer the comments that came my way. We had a dialog going. 

But something strange happened on June third: one article from last August went viral on Facebook. 

In the past two weeks, that article has had close to 150,000 views! Visitors came from 108 countries in one week. Hundreds of comments have been posted. The number of total followers has quadrupled in just 12 days.

At first I tried to answer each new comment and to visit the blogs of my new followers. But I soon realized that I could not keep up. If I missed replying to your comment, please do not be offended. And please know that I do read every comment! 

Thank you for sharing your stories. 

Many people commented on that article; they wanted to share their stories. They wanted to tell about their loss. I’m glad they shared their stories. Many are heartbreaking! 

A number of you have personally experienced the death of a child. I am so sorry you know this grief. I pray that my words encourage you and help you heal. 

Others are trying to support, love and help family members or friends who have lost a child. For those, I pray my story helps you understand the pain of this kind of loss and helps you know how you can love a bereaved parent.

Thank you to those who wrote kind things about my blog. I am humbled that my story has reached so many. 

I know this popularity will be short lived. My fifteen minutes of fame has about run out. Already the number of views is tapering off. It has gone from a peak of more than 36,000 on Friday to just under sixteen thousand yesterday. I am sure my blog will be back to no more than fifty or sixty views per day in another week or so. 

To those who stay with me, thank you. I will try to write about things that matter, with a bit of fun along the way. 

I hope that my words tell a story: we will all have trials in this life. But even in the darkest trials, we can choose joy, love, and peace.  

Be blessed.

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