Cycling for a Great Cause


KMOC. Cycling Team getting ready for the HHH!

Each year our town hosts the Hotter N’Hell Hundred, a century bike ride. It is always the fourth Saturday in August. It is lots of fun! It is the biggest and oldest century ride in the country. 

14,000+ cyclist. Thousands more vendors, supporters, and volunteers make for an entertaining weekend. Friday is an off-road ride. On Saturday there are 10K, 25 miles, 50 miles, 100K, and 100 miles routes. Rest stops every ten miles with medical tents, water, fruit, snacks, and shade. Some are themed like the tropical oasis and the country homemade cookie stop. All routes go through Shepherd Air Force Base where airmen cheer us on.

If you want to do the Triple Threat, you do the off-road ride, 100 miles Saturday, and then a half marathon trail run on Sunday. 

We participate in the Saturday ride. And the spaghetti supper the night before!

Ron used to always ride the 100 mile route. I rode the twenty-five mile route.  This year we are both planning to ride the 100K route, but we won’t ride together. He is much faster than I am. 

My riding partner is a bit older than me. My goal is to ride more miles than she is years old. If I include the mileage to and from my car to the start, I should get the needed 64.1 miles in.

We ride on Team KMOC to help raise funds for the local Christian radio station. Folks pledge a dollar amount for every mile we ride. 

Our friends Liz and Keith manage the station. Liz is the beauty standing next to me in the picture. She is an amazing friend, godly woman, and about to graduate nursing school in addition to being the business manager of the station. Her husband Keith is the general manager. They have been generous in their friendship towards us.

This picture is from our Saturday morning ride. It was lots of fun! 24.5 miles in under two hours. I have to get much faster, and better on hills, if I am going to ride 100K in two months. My partner Camille and I try to ride each Tuesday and Thursday morning when I’m in town. The Team rides together on Saturdays. As I travel with Ron, we will get miles in whenever we can.

Each year we have folks stay at our house for the event. Often they are folks we have never met before! A friend calls to reserve a bed and asks if he can bring a few friends. We enjoy meeting new friends. Within the next week, we will have all beds taken. We even throw an extra mattress or two on the floor if needed. They arrive Friday afternoon and drop by to shower and rest after the Saturday ride. Sometimes, if it is very hot, folks will stay the night after the ride. If you are too tired from a hundred mile ride, it’s safest to stay an extra night. Ron usually grill salmon and chicken for Saturday guests. 

I did not ride in 2013. Ron did. I could not ride due to my should injury last year. After taking two years off, I am excited to ride again!

If you come to town for this event, let me know. I’d like to meet you at the finish line. We can enjoy some Gatorade and an orange. 

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