Throwback Thursday – Attacked by chickens

Last year I was “attacked* by a mob of killer chickens.  Rotisserie chickens. At a local big box store.

Sure, those chickens in their little plastic boxes look all juicy, tender, and innocent. But they are not! Well, they are juicy and tender. But they can be vicious!

There I was…minding my own business. I reached out to get one to take home for lunch…and they all attacked me! It was horrible! The noise! The squawking! The screaming! And, Yes, all the noise came from me…the chickens didn’t have mouths…or heads…or feet…or feathers. If they had feathers they would have been flying!

The attack resulted in a serious burn on my arm.

Here is a picture of my arm one week after the attack.

And here is a picture of the same arm today:

Praise God for healing! The PA had warned me that I might have some permanent damage because the burn was deep. But I don’t! It is completely healed. Not even a scar!

If you could have seen my heart a year ago, it probably looked as bad as my arm. But today…only a small scar. 

Yes, grief still hits me in the gut sometimes. Sunday morning one song just hit me…and I quietly sobbed. But I still had a smile on face. I love worshiping the Father with my church family.

Heaven is so real to me now! So beautiful to think about! And the glory of God to be seen there! I am grateful for His touch in my life. For His love, compassion, forgiveness and grace! And sometimes my emotions get me. But I am glad to feel them. They help me know I am still alive.


*…by attacked I mean that I tripped on my own feet and fell into the shelf holding the chickens. My arm slid along the very hot shelf resulting in a serious burn. The folks at the big box store were wonderful and kind. They even called me every few days to check on me. It took months for my arm to heal completely, but it did heal. 

 I still shiver when I walk past those chickens. And I NEVER turn my back on them. You just don’t know when they might attack. 

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