23 months

So many memories 

So many tears

So many laughs

So much love

So much pain

So much joy

So much sorrow

As we walked to our hotel tonight after a nice dinner, I heard a song that was played during the slideshow at the memorial service. Amazing how my mood can change so quickly. The tears flow easily at times. And I wonder…

Does anyone remember? Do they think of him? Will he be forgotten by everyone but family? 

And then I get a text. Or a photo. Or message from one of his friends. 

Thank you, Lord, for his friends. And the love they show me. 


5 thoughts on “23 months

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  2. This hits very close to home instead of it being a child it was a younger sibling and parents. The memory will always be with you but eases gradually Kathleen is right as always because she experienced more. She is right about finding something to do. Am small town girl so was not easy as everyone to their own. I started writing Christian poetry after dad passed so was not so hurtful as I watched him and mom go downhill but w bro it was devasting.

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  3. The post eased my pain for a moment. My son has been dead since May 4, 2015, he was 44. It’s so hard moving on without him. I’m attending therapy at Hospice, doing activities with friends and family but I miss him every moment of the day. Some people can’t understand why I’m still upset. You should give it to God and quit feeling sorry for yourself, says one friend. I wished it was that easy. I also worry about people forgetting him. I haven’t seen his friends or heard from them since the funeral. I usually cry alone.


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