Show & Tell & Raspberries

I am reblogging this so I can find this lovely pottery place this fall when we go through Michigan.

Light & life

I knew they were out there. I saw them when I returned from the doctor’s office, and I could hear them calling to me all morning.

“Pick me, pick me quick,” each bright red berry begged, “before my fragile beauty fades and my perfect ripeness expires.”

So I strapped on my aircast as soon as the brief summer storm passed and gingerly made my way uphill across the uneven lawn. Sun and raindrops were glistening on the clusters of plump ripe fruit, ruby gems urging me on as I picked all that I could reach without over-taxing my still-healing foot.



As I pulled my berry bowls out of the pottery pantry, it occurred to me that you might enjoy a little show and tell.


M-204 bisects northern Michigan’s picturesque Leelanau Peninsula. Just off M-204, almost exactly mid-way between Suttons Bay and Lake Leelanua is an easy to miss driveway that…

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