Siblings Struggle

My youngest daughter started writing a blog this past spring. She doesn’t use spell check as often as I would like. But I enjoy reading her thoughts on life as a college gal.
In May she wrote about the movie “Big Hero 6” and her anger towards the driver of the car in which her big brother died. It gave me insight into her thoughts and feelings. It also encouraged me to continue to want to want to forgive those who hurt me.

I was the “Bad Guy”

(**Big Hero 6—spoiler alert**)
Summer is here! Well, mostly. School is out for most of Covenant, but I some how though it a good idea to take Human Genetics over May term. We have class 9-3 each day then few hours of studying or homework to do in the evenings. Over all it isn’t too bad. Class is interesting enough and the homework isn’t terrible. It’s just lot. But every once in a blue moon, I finish my work early and actually have the evening to enjoy myself. Last night I finished everything for the day, so I called up a few friends and we had a movie night. I decided a kids movie would be a nice break from all the thinking I had been doing that day and give my brain a rest. Boy was I wrong…

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Many siblings of those who die young deal with anger, confusion, forgiveness, and guilt. If you are parent who has lost a child, you may want to join While We’re Waiting Facebook page. And if you have other teens or young adults, they may want to join the siblings page. It may help you all heal.

6 thoughts on “Siblings Struggle

  1. I’m catching up with reading certain blogs ever since I got home from Slovakia. I’ve kept yours, and am so glad I did. This was a blessing. Hug your daughter for me 🙂


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