Yes, it is sad that Cecil was killed. He was sold to the highest bidder. Illegally hunted, shot and skinned. No thought given to his future. Or the future of his offspring. Not thought of the impact of his death on the rest of the lion population. His body parts considered a trophy, valuable to those who could obtain them. By whatever means. The rest of his body left as trash. His life was not valuable except as a trophy. 

But seriously people! He was a lion! An animal.

WHERE IS ALL THE OUTRAGE for the babies killed by planned parenthood? Human babies. They are killed for money. Their body parts sorted through and sold to the highest bidder. The unwanted parts thrown in the trash. Their lives worthless except to those who want the bloody body parts. The mothers just an income source. No thought to how this medical procedure will affect her. No thought to the damage done as we help her kill her child and then move on to the next patient/victim.

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? The lives of these babies matter. The lives of these mothers matter.

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE for all the young people dying of addiction or violence? No thought to their value except as customers to their dealers or another kid to run for the leaders of the gangs. No thought to their futures, their lives. Another human, thrown into the trash of addiction, abuse, or gang violence. Black, Hispanic, Asian, white. Young people dying. Too many already dead.

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Black lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. Asian lives matter. White lives matter. Native American lives matter. 


WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE for our vets? 22 suicides daily. Daily! Backlog at the VA so long that many die before seeing a doctor. They don’t matter anymore. They did their job and are no longer valuable to the system that used them as so much chattel. Ignore them. Hide the lists. Don’t talk about them. Maybe they will go away or die if we wait long enough.

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE over our vets? As a nation we have an obligation to the men and women who serve in the armed forces. We promised them! Where is the outrage over broken promises?

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE for our neighbors, our sisters and brothers who are hurting? Sexual abuse, addiction, failed marriages, depression, poverty, and so much more. Lives on the brink. Lives that matter. People that matter. Valuable people whom we ignore as we go about our day. Shopping, working, playing. 

Sheep that need to be fed.

Will you feed them?

Do you care?

Are you more outraged about a dead lion half a world away than you about your neighbors who are hurting, dying, suffering? People who live in your own backyards? 

Lord, forgive us. We know exactly what we do.

One thought on “Cecil. 

  1. And where is the outrage for all the beheadings and other killling of Christians and anyone else who stands in the way of ISIS? I asked that question on a post about poor old Cecil, and I was told quite sniffily that there is no relevance between the two events. Yes, there is. The relevance is in the fact that people are far more outraged and vocal about the death of a lion than they are about the murder of human beings. Good post, Kathleen.

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