Making Sense of Scripture’s Inconsistencies

Tim Keller is the pastor of Redeemer Church in Manhattan. While traveling, Ron and I often listen to his podcasts. We were able to attend a service at Redeemer on our last trip to NYC.

Keller wrote a great article about the apparent inconsistencies in scripture regarding obeying the Law. It touches on a subject I wrote about yesterday. It is worth a read. 

I find it frustrating when I read or hear columnists, pundits, or journalists dismiss Christians as inconsistent because “they pick and choose which of the rules in the Bible to obey.” Most often I hear, “Christians ignore lots of Old Testament texts—about not eating raw meat or pork or shellfish, not executing people for breaking the Sabbath, not wearing garments woven with two kinds of material and so on. Then they condemn homosexuality. Aren’t you just picking and choosing what you want to believe from the Bible?”  Read more…

2 thoughts on “Making Sense of Scripture’s Inconsistencies

  1. Oh Kathleen I’m a big fan of Tim Keller and John Piper.
    This week I’ve been listening to a sermon by Tim Keller entitled “A Christian’s Happiness” and it has really blessed me. He says this –
    “Our bad things turn out for good, our good things can never be lost, the best things are yet to come”
    Romans 8:28-30

    Since my daughter died, I’ve done work with the hospital management to successfully change policies and procedures to make them more “family friendly”. Things like this cause some people say to me “Oh Leah didn’t die in vain” – a phrase that makes me wince – Tim Keller addresses this phrase in this sermon @ 36 mins!

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