Throwback Thursday – Moving Day

canstockphoto10434149A couple of weeks before The Accident, I spent time with my beautiful step-mom cleaning and packing. She was planning to move that fall. I loved spending those days with her. The house she lived in was so full of wonderful memories for me. It was the house my daddy has grown up in. The house my grandmother lived in just blocks from our house when I was growing up.

The week before The Accident, Evelyn and I went to Canyon to see TEXAS and hang out with Andrew. That Friday morning we took Andrew to breakfast and then grocery shopping. We laughed. A lot. We had so much fun together. I wish I had gotten pictures of the three of us. But I thought he would be coming home a week later. He did. In a casket.

In November, the family home sold and Evelyn moved to live with her sister.

I am thinking of her today because I will be seeing her in Denver this week. I love spending time with this beautiful lady. She loved my daddy and he loved her. She helped him raise four obnoxious teenagers. We were 13, 15, 16 and 18 when they married. Knowing a man had four teens would have made me run from him! Not her. She was brave, kind and loving. I am blessed to have her in my life. (I used to introduce her as “my dad’s wife. Over the years, I grew to love her. And I introduce as my mom now.)

i hope you enjoy reading about Moving Day

Personal note: Ev, I’m sorry if this makes your eyes leak. I love you dearly.  God blessed me when He brought you into my life.  

I have been helping my step-mom Evelyn organize and pack her household items the past few days. She is moving from the house my grandparents built back in 1932 to live with her sister in Denver. This is a very good thing for both of them. I am glad for her and her sister.

This is God’s plan for her in this time.

But it is very hard for me. Read more…

One thought on “Throwback Thursday – Moving Day

  1. Kathleen ~~ What a sweet remembrance and acknowledgment of the love that grew between you and your mum. Thank you for sharing it with us today. I hope your mum reads it! And if her eyes leak … it will only because of the love felt…. After all, I can feel that love from here.


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