Riding Alone 

In the last four years, since I first got off the couch and became more active, I have almost always exercised with a buddy. Weights, yoga, running, biking – all with partners. Swimming is the only thing I enjoy doing alone. I have only gone on one bike ride by myself.

I won’t say it’s a fear, but I am very averse to riding alone. It scares me. Ok. So it’s a fear.

Today I overcame that. I rode a strange route in a strange city. Alone.

I rode 12+ miles out from the airport hotel to the Salt Lake Marina then back. Upper 80’s. Strong headwinds on the way back. NO shade anywhere along the route. I was tired and hot when I got back. All my water was gone. But I did it! And I was still smiling. Kind of.

This really is a big deal for me. Especially this week when I would rather stay in bed and hide my head. I’d like to sleep through the next few days. But as Ron said last Saturday to a group of amazing young people, “the best way to honor those we have lost is to LIVE!”

I choose life today. How about you? Will you choose life?

As you can see, there is no shade on this route!


The water should be up to these rocks.


The Great Salt Lake is very low.

I’m still smiling. Though this looks like a grimace. Red face and droopy eye lid.   But I made it!

6 thoughts on “Riding Alone 

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  4. Congrats on the milestones . . . getting up and living and biking alone. My son loved gardening and so with May being the first anniversary of his death, I decided I would cast wildflowers wherever I went for the day. I will make it a yearly tradition to sow the things he loved out into the world. Now whenever I see a wildflower I have sweet memories of my son and the beauty he added into my life.. ~ Have a blessed day with Jesus ~

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  5. Kathleen ~ I am proud of you! It takes a lot to choose to live.
    I was telling my (would-be) daughter-in-law that who just covered up her tattoo (of my son’s name) … that it is not the tattoo that honors my son’s life. It is the fact that you are keeping your promise to live. And to live is to honor our loved ones.

    I hope when I see the doc tomorrow he will give me permission to get back out there and be active again.

    Honor on; Live on,


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