Some Days You Leave Skin on the Trail 

Biking in Idaho came to a sudden and unexpected halt. I hit a curb that I did not see until too late. Ron said I had great form and stayed tucked the entire roll over the handlebars. My only injuries are my face and a finger bruise. Nothing broken. No chipped teeth. Nothing that won’t heal. And my bike is fine.

Now to find a drugstore for bandages.

My husband found a Boose State Blue Bandage. Subtle it is not. But I wore it through lunch until I could find a more subtle color bandage.

We cycled the next day in Grand Teton National Park.  “When you fall off your bike, you gotta get back on.” Notice the bandage is not so bright!

In only a few days it is looking much better. Bruised under my right eye. Big bruise under my chin that doesn’t really show in pictures. And a bit of road rash which will heal. I should be able to cover it with makeup in a week or so.

Stuff happens. Being active and going new places involves risks. Sometimes we just get bumps and bruises through no fault of our own. I think they are worth it!

But in this case…

Why did I fall? I missed a turn and went over a curb.

I was going too fast instead of enjoying the journey. I was mad at Ron about something stupid. Perhaps I should have stopped, dealt with my resentment and then ridden beside my love.

Life is too short, and concrete is too hard, to go through life being angry.

10 thoughts on “Some Days You Leave Skin on the Trail 

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  4. Kathleen, I took a header off my bike very similar to yours some years back, only I land hard on one knee and my outstretched hands. Broke my elbows–yes, both of them–just a little inch-long fracture. I was in casts on both arms for only a week, thank God. Sadly, I’ve never found the courage to get back up on my bike.

    So glad your injuries weren’t any worse. No fun.


    • It hurt at first. But it’s only road rash or a bit of scrapped skin. It will be sore for a while. But it could have been much worse! No broken bones or chipped teeth. I will be riding again today.

      It’s good to be alive and healthy enough to do things like riding a bike.


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