Two Hearts 

May I speak to you from my heart…about two other hearts? One that is failing and one that will be a gift of life.

A young man we have known for a long time, and care a great deal about, got moved up on the heart transplant list in June. Caleb Nichols is a remarkable young man. You can watch his testimony here. The video explains his medical condition and his heart condition.

Caleb was in our homeschool group. He has spent countless hours at our home and with my boys. He was in a number of community theater shows with Andrew and Peter. Even though our boys don’t live at home any more, Caleb still drops by almost weekly; he is friends with the college student who housesits/lives at our house this year. And he really likes Ron’s grilled salmon so seems to show up about dinner time.

I heard someone say, “I hope he gets a heart soon.”

I do, too. I pray it happens soon.

And I pray for all the medical staff, his family, and for healing. I pray that Caleb Nichols has peace and strength as he goes through this trial. I pray for his momma to have peace and strength. I pray for his whole family and for his friends.

But I pray also for the family of the donor. They will be grieving. They will be hurting. They will hurt for a long time. A family member will have died, possibly suddenly or tragically. And they will have made the choice to donate organs.

It will be a wonderful gift they give to Caleb. A life gift. I am grateful for that.

I will grieve with them. I will pray for them.

I know Caleb has thought about this as well. As a compassionate man, he cares that someone will die for him to receive their heart. I have spoken with him about how precious it would have been to know that Andrew Raymond Duncan’s heart gave a second chance to someone. (That was not possible due to the circumstances of the accident.) I know families who grieved…and made the choice to give. None regrets organ donation. But all were hurting.

Please, as you pray for Caleb, pray for the donor…that he or she would know Christ and know peace. Pray for the donor’s family…that they would have peace, strength, comfort, and eventually joy. Pray that their friends will love them well.

Yes, PRAY FOR CALEB. And pray for all involved in the transplant process.  

Note: To donate to the Nichols family, check out their GoFundMe page. They are looking at over a million dollars in expenses, only a portion of which is covered by insurance.

And if you are not yet an organ donor, please consider signing up. Give the gift of life!

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