Throwback Thursday

I have been going back over my posts from those first few days and weeks. Reading FB posts and comments. Looking at some notes I wrote in bible studies from that time. I am feeling so many things…sadness, grief, heaviness, and gratefulness. 

I am grateful for friends who loved me well. Prayers, food, encouragement, and even laughter. Local friends did things for us in those early days I didn’t know needed to be done. They saw needs and filled them. My friends gave me so much. They did many things for me. 

Three dear friends who had each experienced loss came to town. One each month in the time after ther The Accident. They came, listened, and shared their own journeys of grief and grace. They gave me hope.

Others from around the world prayed, shared stories, and pictures of Andrew.

As I look back at these things, I am reliving emotions. It hurts. Yet it brings me joy and hope to see how far I have come. 

I am working on a book project that may take months. I will be dealing with lots of emotions as I do this. If you think about me, would you pray? Pray that I have wisdom as I do this project. Pray that I have strength. Pray that I continue to have peace and comfort. Thank you. 

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