Finance Friday: Saving Money

A few days ago I wrote about saving money. I mentioned that I would be shopping for electricity deals. Well, I reduced our bill by $.024 per KW. This should reduce our bill by about 22%! I wish I could say it was because I’m a great negotiator, it was really because prices on electricity have dropped since I last shopped for providers. You may want to shop your own electric contract. Oil prices are way down, which means home energy prices have dropped.

This week I got our internet provider to reduce our bill by $20 per month by asking for the New Customer deal! They even made it retroactive to the current month. That is a savings of $240 plus taxes per year. I had to call six times before I got through to the department that could do this for me, but it was worth the time and effort.

I also called Verizon and got that bill reduced by $25 per month because one of the phones is now out of contract. A savings of $300 plus taxes per year. And I recieved a free gig of data each month for a year. Plus they gave me another $13 per month in miscellaneous discounts. I kept asking if there was anything else they could do to keep my business, and that’s what I got!

Yes, taking time to call, even call again and again, is worth it.

Note: Talk to the Retention Specialist if needed. Try to make all these kinds of calls in one month. Most deals are only for one year. By making your calls in one month, you know that you need to recall everyone same time next year. 

Guess what I will be doing next October!


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