Back to Tonic

For those who missed my review of this book on Amazon, here it is.

Back to Tonic” by Eugene Kiepura.

This is not an easy read. Oh, the words were easy enough to understand. But the events and thoughts were not easy to read about. I read part of it one night. Then I put it down. Though I wanted to keep reading, I had to take a break to digest what I had read. It is not a long book, but it took me four full days to finish it.

I loved every moment of reading this book, even the parts that broke my heart and brought up memories of the first few months after The Accident. Gene’s writing is honest, raw and beautiful. His journey is heart wrenching and encouraging.

I enjoy his blog. I loved this book. If you have lost a child or know someone who has lost a child, I encourage you to read it. This week I am reading it for a second time. With my highlighter.


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