Dear Mommas…

Dear mommas with young children,​

Are you looking for great Christmas gifts for grandparents? Are you on a budget? I have an idea that your parents and your pocketbook will love!

A few years ago, our married daughter started a scrapbook for us. Pictures of their engagement and wedding fill the first six or eight pages. The next few pages include their time before children.

Now for Christmas each year, we receive six to eight new pages. She writes the year on the first page and includes pictures of their family on various outings and adventures from throughout the past year.

Of course, any new addition during the year gets his or her own full page! Next year, our first granddaughter will have her own page!

Our daughter started with a quality 12×12 scrapbook. She uses quality scrapbook papers and page protectors. Her pages are simple: pictures on patterned paper with short captions. No fancy frames or embellishments.

Pictures are taken with phones and a camera throughout the year. It takes her one afternoon to complete the project. She orders a couple of dozen prints from her local drugstore. She glues them on the pages and writes who and what is happening in each picture. Simple!

The upfront cost for the scrapbook and page protectors was about what they would have spent that year anyway. After that, her expense is only 6-8 sheets of paper and photo prints, which she gets cheap by watching for coupons.

This is a gift I guarantee grandparents will love! It’s inexpensive and, if you do this, you won’t have to try to come up with ideas for what to give your father-in-law next Christmas!

Much love,

An empty-nester who is enjoying looking at pictures of her grandchildren

PS. Don’t try to go back and make pages for past years yet. Start with this year. After the holidays are over, make pages for last year and maybe the year before. Complete pages for a couple of years one day each spring and the current year in late fall. 


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