I haven’t felt much like writing lately. My thoughts have been fairly dark, and I don’t like to share dark thoughts. I prefer to try to change them. 

Nothing bad happened. I just feel blah. So I’ve been reading, studying, walking a little and watching fun movies. 

This weekend my husband and I went to Norman for OU Homecoming weekend. Mainly to see our son cheer. With all the traveling, this was the first home game we could attend.  

Just a few notes:

1. Moms – two weeks after my tetanus shot, my arm still hurts and has a big knot. If your kid complains weeks after a booster, believe him. And buy him ice cream. Or a new toy. Or both. 

2. I had a fun time seeing Peter at OU this weekend. I enjoyed visiting Syrup Restaurant and Summit Church with him.

3. Books will be published this Friday. Available on Amazon. Search for my name to find them. 

4. I’m needing a running buddy. Anyone want to start running? I’ll be slow at first. Walk, jog thing. I have a 5K in three weeks. Since I haven’t done any running this year, I think I’ll walk the whole thing. 

5. Most important – Pray for my friend Debi. The love of her life Howard went to be with Jesus yesterday. The next few days and months will be hard.


6 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I think its good to know that dark thoughts are part of healing. I don’t always experience the joy of the Lord and I’d rather know that it’s a normal for me to feel that way. Hurting people need to be reached where they’re at and on occasion that just might be a dark place. Grief is often a dark place.
    Hope your arm feels better soon.

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  2. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling blah. I pray you find a compatible running buddy. Those tetanus shots can be brutal – my last one set off a whole series of horrors. Try lifting some weights to get increased blood flow through your arm. And buy yourself ice cream, and a new toy. Great pictures.


    • Thank you. I wonder if the shots have affected my mood. Plus it’s cloudy and I hate when the days get shorter!

      My plan for today includes cleaning my floors. Not exciting, but sometimes just accomplishing a little thing helps.


      • That sort of thing helps me, too. Try scrubbing with the arm that has the knot as much as you can – getting oxygen to it really does help. I love the colors and the crispness of sunny autumn days, but you are right, the damp, cloudy ones are a downer. Even though autumn is my favorite season, it is also a melancholy time of year for me – the death of summer, the impending dread of winter. BUT, then there is the hope of Spring, when everything comes back to life.

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