Faith Rises ~

This beautiful poem is by Deborah Ann.  Today is her son’s birthday. He is spending it in Heaven. Please pray for her today. If you haven’t read her poetry, you should. It will lift your spirits! She posts poetry daily. 

I love my new blogging friends. I love my new “waiting” friends; we encourage one another and pray for one another while we wait for the Great Reunion in Heaven with our Savior, our friend, and our children. Deborah is both. I pray today the she has wonder memories of her son and that she has joy, peace, and comfort. She and I both know we have work to do here on earth, good work that God prepared in advance for us to do, but we miss our boys.


Faith rises, above our fears calms our nerves dries our tears. Faith overcomes, every obstacle makes all things truly possible. Faith conquers, all our doubts with triumph cheers and joyous shouts. Faith defeats. our worst enemy fights off the devil trounces his army. Faith rises, above our concerns calms our worries . . . till […]

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