Daylight Savings 

Daylight Savings Time ended last weekend. This American phenomenon drives many of us crazy! You can read more about it here. In a nut shell, Daylight Savings Time means we move our clocks forward one hour in Spring then “Fall Back” an hour the last Saturday night in October. It also means that one day it gets dark about 5:30 and the next day it gets dark about 4:30!

But that is not what happens at my house. You see, I don’t set all my clocks back. There are certain clocks in my house which I refuse to “turn back”. It is my way of keeping faith that “spring forward” is coming soon.

That, and it requires a step ladder to get to those clocks.

Plus it will really mess with my brother when he comes to live with us in a few weeks.

My big brother, Uncle Bob the World Sailor, and his first mate Gretchen are moving in with us for six to eight months. They missed the window to sail from Bali to Madagascar and have to wait until next summer to finish circumnavigating the world, so they are leaving the boat in Bali and coming here! I am very excited about this!

And the clock thing — Adjusting to US time after living “down under” a few months with be hard enough. But in my house, I’m going to have clocks in each room set for a different time zone.

Robert, I hope you enjoy living with your bratty little sister. It’s been forty years since we lived together. And I haven’t changed much! We will have balloon fights, play board games, color with sidewalk chalk, go on Sonic dates, and watch movies late. When my children and grandchildren come visit, we are going to get to do the things like back when we were little! 

OK, so maybe I have changed. But some of my clocks haven’t. And the love I have for my big brother hasn’t.

Welcome to your new home, Bob.

Here is a picture of my brother with a monkey on his head some place in the South Pacific.

Here is a picture of my brother with a monkey on his head some place in the South Pacific.

3 thoughts on “Daylight Savings 

  1. I don’t like it either. My grandson who is 5 can’t get used to it. He just learned to tell time and he keeps looking at the different clocks that are still set to different times. He also wants to know if he missed his bedtime when he looks out and it’s dark at 4:30. I wish everyone could agree and either do it in the whole country or not. Like here, Arizona and Hawaii don’t have DST. In Australia, only the southern parts of the continent have it. Crazy. And then there is the fact that the countries that do have it don’t change at the same time. More confusion.

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