“The Death of My Child and Romans 8:28”

This is an excellent article from Gospel Taboo on an often misunderstood verse.


A tragic accident.

The night he died it stormed. My wife and I were restless, weeping, and holding each other closely. I remember pleading with God in my distress, “Why didn’t you send these rains just a few hours earlier? He wouldn’t have been outside! This nightmare never would have happened! Why did you allow it to happen this way, God?!”

My unchangeable circumstances made my cries feel hollow.

It’s now been nearly five years since my wife and I joined the unique fraternity of parents who have lost a child. To spare the horrendous details, what began as a seemingly picturesque day ended with us leaving the triage unit of the local Children’s Hospital without our son. No amount of prayers or medical practitioners could resuscitate him. We were thrust into a different dimension. Everything we thought we knew about our lives, our God, and our faith immediately came into question … READ MORE

One thought on ““The Death of My Child and Romans 8:28”

  1. Miss Kathleen ~~ Thank you for sharing this article/blog. I will admit, it is my faith that things do happen for reasons we do not understand, that God does not strike someone (my son, for example) down, and even murderers have the same free will we all do … that made me not land on bent knees and cry out WHY as if God had a hand in the death of my Ethan.

    One of my dear friends told me: Everything comes across God’s desk… good and bad … and he does not stop things from happening, instead he puts things in place to help those who suffer at the hands of others free will.

    In our family’s case, my son did not die in vain and people fell into place to help our family through this all and it has been made possible for my son’s death to help other families. So yes, I too believe that others lead us and we should lead by example as well and help others who befall grief.



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