Always Go to the Funeral

This article by Deirdre Sullivan appeared on in 2005M but I just read it this week. Please, take time to read it.

Though I don’t remember every person that attended the graveside service or the memorial we had for Andrew, I do remember the feeling of support and love I experienced that day. So many took time to drive and even fly in to honor our son and care for our family. 

It matters. Attending the service matters.

I believe in always going to the funeral. My father taught me that.

The first time he said it directly to me, I was 16 and trying to get out of going to calling hours for Miss Emerson, my old fifth grade math teacher. I did not want to go. My father was unequivocal. “Dee,” he said, “you’re going. Always go to the funeral. Do it for the family.”


3 thoughts on “Always Go to the Funeral

  1. The 1st funeral I ever attended was my mother’s. I was 15. The 2nd was my Dad’s. Yes, I was an orphan. I won’t go into detail here. I’ve written about some of it on my blog. My only sister died almost 4 years ago. I didn’t go to her funeral. I regret that now. That advice was spot on. These things matter!
    – Kenzel

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