Dear mommas …

Dear mommas who are upset by the events of the past few days,

For those of you who have young children, below is a great article on how to talk with your children about the events of the last few days. 

Our prayers for Beirut, Kenya, and Paris continue. Unfortunately, these will not be the last terror attacks. You need to think about how you will address these issues with your children.

Two days after we learned of The Accident, our oldest daughter and her family arrived at our home. It was clear that she and her husband had talked with their children about the tragedy and what to expect at our home. Elijah, who was four at the time, came in and said to me, “Grandmom, Andrew is dead. He is heaven. We don’t need to be afraid.”

My answer was, “No, Elijah. We don’t need to be afraid.”

That must be the answer we give our children when tragedy happens: We do not need to be afraid. 


First, our thoughts are with the people of Paris in the aftermath of Friday’s attacks. Not only is terrorism spreading across the world, it’s also bleeding into parenting along with today’s escalating tragic events. No matter how hard we try to shield our children, news of the horrors of humanity can and will reach them […]

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