Comments on My Journey 

I heard from a pastor in Virginia last Thursday. Here is what he wrote about My Journey through Grief into Grace:

This book should be required reading for pastors.

I have read many books on the subject of family loss in the many years I’ve been in the ministry, but I don’t believe I am stretching at all to say this is by far the best, most honest and most comprehensible sharing of this critical moment in too many lives … since I have been reading (the last week) I have either referred to or loosely quoted the book almost daily. The Lord’s timing is phenomenal – the day before the chapter on Parents losing a child, one of my employees lost a baby prematurely. Not only that but having lost a grandson in like manner we were able to relate so much in your wise info and directives. In a lot of words I’m saying – thank you for being open, honest and yet so faithful to share the message of our Loving, Kind and Precious Lord!

From a reader in Ohio:

Kathleen gives you an honest glimpse of her journey after the death of her son. She speaks to all of us…those who have lost a child and those who have not. She chose not to wallow in sorrow, but to speak truth, give comfort, and care for others that are hurting. You will laugh and cry your way through this book as you find hope, life and love.



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