Slippery Road

We left Chicago a little after six last night. We grabbed a quick bite before heading southwest towards home. The roads were slippery. Here, let my husband’s words tell you about it….

Get her a mitten cookie, and she’s happy. – headed home from Chicago. #lowmaintenancewife

no makeup, but happy to be on the road with my love.

Great final day at Illinois School show. Several strong sales leads and new Engineering contacts. Then, for the first time our trailer was loaded with help from the Teamsters (for a nominal – and mandatory – fee). 

Changed this flat in the snow. Fortunately had a safe place to work and the right gear. Walk-around during fueling (when I noticed this) probably prevented a much bigger problem. 

Then drove on the slickest icy highway of my life, south of Chicago. I’m sure there are button-holes pinched in my seat covers. I’ve never experienced driving on ice like that. Passed 3 jackknifed semis, plus 20+ other vehicles in the ditch – in 30 miles. Now, the Hotel has ice cream and a jacuzzi. 

All is well, if I don’t dream about sliding/flipping/slamming/crashing 7 tons of SUV and trailer on I-55.


Ron changing a flat tire in 21 degree weather.

Today is clear and sunny but a bit cold. Roads are dry and we are rested. I’m looking forward to being in my own bed tonight!


Thank you for keeping us safe last night. Thank you for hotel customer service who was willing to cancel our reservations just hours before we were to arrive; they understood that we just couldn’t drive any farther. Thank you for a good night’s rest.

Be with all who wrecked their cars last night on that road. Help them in dealing with insurance, etc. I pray peace and healing for any who were injured. 


4 thoughts on “Slippery Road

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  2. Thank you God for the adventures Kathleen and Ron have every day- wonderful travels and new friends made. Be with them on their life journey together.
    Kathleen, you have lost a ton of weight- mitten cookies and all- you look wonderful, almost half your size.
    Great work !

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