My New Housemates

For those who are wondering…I am loving having our two new housemates living here!

We are laughing, talking, watching movies,and having a wonderful time. We pitch in to get cooking and cleaning done together. 

There have been a few times when one of us asked the others, “Would you mind doing that?” or “Would it be okay of we did this instead?”  Living together is always better if we make our preferences and needs known while considering the needs and preferences of others. 

Things that make it easier to live with housemates also include:

  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and feelings
  • Speaking honestly about preferences and needs
  • Being kind and willing to help when work needs to be done
  • Respecting one another
  • Putting others before oneself
  • Not being easily offended
  • Forgiving the little things
  • A sense of humor

Gretchen and I had a fun day shopping yesterday and have laughed. A lot! We enjoy many of the same things. And we both think my brother is awesome. We both like Ron a bunch, too. 

We are celebrating our birthdays today! Mine is Tuesday and Gretchen’s is Wednesday. A sweet friend of mine shares my birthday, so she and her husband are coming over after church to celebrate with us. We have party hats for the six of us to wear at lunch. 

We all know there will be adjustments, but if we continue to care for one another, respect each other, and keep a sense of humor, the next six months are going to be great!

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