Book Review

In the next week or so, I’ll post a list of the books I’ve read this fall, but I want to share this one now! It may be helpful to many of you who are suffering this holiday season. 

Our church has a great library and wonderful librarian. I went in today and she had this book waiting for me. I’ve only read the first part of it, but what I have read I really like! 

This book is for anyone suffering or struggling during the holidays, not just those who are grieving due to the death of a loved one. The author lost her husband to ALS and wrote this during her struggles as a wife and caregiver to one with a terminal illness. No matter the cause of our suffering, the answer to our pain is the same: Jesus Christ. 

Each chapter has a short reading, scripture reference and prayer. Plus a suggestion for ways to move towards healing in our grief and struggles. There are 32 devotionals/chapters. The first fourteen are about the Christmas season. All very good! The others address holidays during the rest of the year. 

When Holidays Hurt” by Bo Stern


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