This blog hit 300K views last night! Wow! 

I started blogging in October of 2013, about six weeks after The Accident. 

Two years ago I only wrote to let friends not on FB know how we were doing. My writing was raw and honest. Then it became a way for me to get thoughts out of my brain. It was still raw and honest. It has turned into a way to help others who are hurting.

Thank you for following me. Thank you for your comments, likes, and encouragement. Thank you for sharing my articles with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and other sites. And thank you for sharing your own blogs with me. 

I pray that my words continue to honor my family, glorify the Lord, and help grieving people heal. I pray that giving you a glimpse into my journey of grief and grace will give you insight into how to love a grieving family. And I pray that my words give you hope and make you smile sometimes. 

I’m not sure what tomorrow holds, but I’m looking forward to an exciting ride! I’m glad you have joined me on this journey. 

14 thoughts on “300

  1. Fabulous news. Very inspiring, I am rounding out to my first year as a blogger and I am trying to gauge my own trajectory. You’ve just given me a benchmark. VERY exciting, thank you!


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