Broken Plate

Another mom posted this in the “While We’re Waiting -Support Group for Bereaved Parents” Facebook group. She gave me permission to share it. 




I sometimes feel like a china plate that has been dropped and broken in two. I was mended by an expert craftsman, but if you look at me in the right light, you can see the faint telltale line indicating that I am not the same as I was. But unlike the plate, I am no less valuable, no less useful. For when I was mended, I became more aware of the cracks in other’s lives, their wounds becoming more visible.

Lord, don’t let me pass these hurting souls by, too enmeshed in my own struggle to notice that they are dying inside. Don’t allow me to waste my sorrow, and never let me forget those who have come along side me in my own dark night of pain. May I be of eternal use and may You receive all the glory.

~ Carol Brown, December 13, 2015

Carol’s beautiful, full of life daughter Jackie died in a car accident on September 23, 1996.


4 thoughts on “Broken Plate

  1. Some of the most insightful comments come from those who have lived out their grief over a period of many years. They have traveled the long road, experienced the many pitfalls, and endured the test of time. Most importantly they can see the brokenness that usually only a seasoned griever tends to recognize. Great post Carol. God bless you.

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