My Own Ah Ha! Moment

I posted this late last night:

You’d think I would learn. 

Staying up late, looking at the tree and stockings…just days before 12/24…

Yep. I should go to sleep.

I miss my kid. He should be here. But he’s not. Never will be again. 

The good news is that we who trust in Christ will see Andrew again. Maybe not this Christmas season, but some day. And because of Christ, I do not grieve as those without hope. 

Blessings and sweet dreams.

Yes, I stayed up way too late, started thinking, and got sad. Then I couldn’t sleep for thinking of the people I am missing. We didn’t go to church because I was so tired this morning.

But when I got up, my sweet husband had cooked me breakfast. We talked. He held me. 

Today I am not going to nap though I am very tired. I am doing healthy things, reading encouraging things, and wrapping gifts. We are going out for a nice dinner then heading to bed early. 

You see, I can choose how I behave. I can choose to do the next right thing. And when I do, I will have peace and joy even in the midst of sorrow.

What choices are you making today? Are you choosing behavior that leads to joy and peace?
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4 thoughts on “My Own Ah Ha! Moment

  1. Great post Kathleen! When we take charge of our emotions it doesn’t mean we suppress them, instead we know when its best to simply pause and refresh ourselves and when its best to continue forward. Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

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