Dear Mommas

Dear Mommas who are doing last minute shopping,

“Reading is Fundamental!” This was a slogan for a reading program when I was in elementary school. RIF programs gave free books to school-aged children to encourage them to read. I needed no encouragement! Reading has always been a love of mine.

We instilled the love of books in our children as well. How? By modeling reading and by reading aloud often to them when they were young. If children see their parents reading, they are more likely to read themselves. We also made books readily available; we own dozens of books for all reading levels. Our children all had a bookshelf in their room for their prized books, and we made many trips to our public library. 

I love seeing my adult children devouring books!

Since my brother moved in, I’ve seen the family resemblance there as well. My dad was a voracious reader. Bob got the reader gene from our dad, just like I did; he’s read a dozen books in the first three weeks they were here! 

Every year there are more than a few books under our Christmas tree…Except that one year when I thought the kids might be tired of getting books for Christmas. After thanking us for the gifts they did get, they informed us that there must always be books under the tree. Christmas is just not the same without books!

If you are looking for some Stocking Stuffers or last minute gift ideas, why not buy a book for your child? 

Books. They can teach, inspire, and simply bring a smile. They are much better for you than candy or video games!

Merry Christmas,

From an empty-nester who has a few books and other presents still to wrap

6 thoughts on “Dear Mommas

  1. I absolutely agree! My children love books. I often recommend my friends with babies should hold their little ones in their lap and look through picture books. Talk to them about the pictures and make it interactive. They may try eating it most of the time, but your giving them a positive association with the book. Reading to them while they are eating or snacking in their high chair also provides positive association. I have 3 book loving kids and it’s so much fun. Even my 8-year old (who simply devours books) loves it when I take the time to read aloud to her.

    Another thing you can gift your kids are monthly magazines like Ranger Rick or Highlights. Focus on the Family has one as well. 😀

    Great reminder, Kathleen!

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