Andrew’s birthday is Christmas Eve. He was a dancer. The last ballet I saw him in was Nutcracker in 2012. I bought a Snow King nutcracker that year since he was the Snow King.

The next year he was gone. One of our daughters suggested I collect nutcrackers in his memory. I said emphatically, “NO!” I did not want another nutcracker! 

This is our third Christmas. I am ready. I bought three new nutcrackers this year and am proudly displaying them on the mantle. 

Things that were just too hard that first year are now doable. 

Take heart, my friends who grieve. With Christ and doing the next right thing, this journey does get easier. Still painful, but easier to bear.

7 thoughts on “Nutcrackers

    • No. Not a bad question for one whose first language isn’t English.

      They are meant to crack nuts. Folks used to gather nuts in the warmer seasons and eat them in winter when there wasn’t fresh food available. Nuts with hard shells require some type of cracker to break open the nut shell.

      Overtime, the nutcrackers became more and more decorative.

      In the famous Russian ballet The Nutcracker, there is a toy nutcracker. The ballet is performed at Christmas around the world. You can google it to find out more about the story line.

      Many people use nutcrackers as Christmas decorations.

      On each of these, there is a lever on the back that opens his mouth. You put the nut in his mouth and push the lever down to crack the shell of the nut. Pecans, walnuts, etc.

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