One Last Andrew Story, or Maybe Two

One more Andrew story

23 years ago today….

We stopped at Paty Lumber Company in Bristol, TN, to get some paint on the way to the hospital. The gal at cash register freaked when I had a contraction while in line. “She’s having a baby!” she yelled. Not yet, I thought. This was my fifth child, and I knew we had time. 

Andrew Raymond Duncan was born five hours later, after we had safely arrived at the hospital.  

The next morning was a bit exciting as four-year-old David and 18-month-old Adam worked together to open and spill the new can of paint. All over our living room carpet! It was all good, though. Ron got it cleaned up before picking us up and bringing our new baby and me home from the hospital. We got home just in time for a beautiful white Christmas.

Ok, so maybe I should have said, “two more Andrew stories.”

At ten weeks gestation, they could not find a heart beat. My doctor did four ultrasounds over the next two weeks. “Not a viable pregnancy” was what they said. They could not find a baby! It was nowhere to be seen! Fortunately, my doctor did not like doing a D&C unless my my health got really bad. I am so glad! Because Andrew was born six and a half months later. 

I told Andrew about this on his twentieth birthday, his last on earth. “I don’t know where you were, but they could not find you on the ultrasound,” I told him.

His response was, “I was in Narnia, Momma. Much more fun than that whole womb thing.”*

Now he is in Heaven. He can sit and talk with CS Lewis about writing the Narnia books! And Tolkien. And so many other saints! 

It’s been a good day. A bit hard. There were tears. But there are sweet memories as well. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

* Narnia is a location in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. 

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