Traveling in 2015

We have been home since November 22. Five weeks. And we don’t have another trip planned for a few more weeks. The next trip will be to Orlando at the end of next month. This is longest we’ve been home in about sixteen months! I’m looking back at my travels from last year. Rather than including pictures here, I’ve added links to the articles so you can see the pictures.

Our first trip was to Chicago in January. We stopped to see friends on the way and spent more time with other friends while in the Windy City. It was cold and rainy. I wrote a poem about that trip. We visited again in the spring and rode our bikes through town. Our last trip this year was also to Chicago. That trip was very cold, snowy, and icy! We had a flat onefrigid icy night and drove on dangerous roads. I was glad when we got to clear highways. I’m sure we will visit Chicago at least a couple of times this year, and I’m glad.

In February we traveled to Tennessee and then Florida. In Tennessee Ron took our daughters to see a show. We collected new mugs, and I got stuck in a hotel in Nashville dye to an ice storm. We flew to Florida and had a wonderful time. Business for Ron and relaxing for me. This post has a few pictures from that trip. 

In March we went to California. The day after we got back, we made an emergency road trip to Phenix. I was home the rest of that month and April. I work a bit during tax season, or I did the past eight years. I don’t think I will this year. 

I had a group of ladies come here for a week long study of Daniel in April. We had a wonderful time!

As I mentioned, we traveled back to Chicago in May. We were there over Mother’s Day. We visit churches when we travel. I wrote about it here

In May and June, we traveled to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Kansas City where we acquired a few new mugs.  I posted a map showing the states we had been to. I mentioned that I hoped to visit Delaware and Rhode Island in the fall.  We didn’t make it to those states, but have been to a few more since June. 

In July, we traveled to New York State. We skipped Manhattan on that trip, much to my disappointment. But we did ride our bikes in the Adirondack Mountains. On our way back to Texas we went through Indiana and Ohio. We spent the last night of July in Amarillo

Our next trip included Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. I took some lovely pictures in Idaho. We took our bikes with us and rode a bunch on that trip! Although we had some great time on that trip, it was really all about business. I wrote a summary of that trip here.

I was home alone part of September and October in order to work on my books. I needed time alone to do the final editing. It was a dark time for me, looking back over everything from the first two years after The Accident. It was best that I spend that time away from others. The books were published on November first.

In early November I met Ron in Baltimore. We spent a few days in the DC area then drove to Chattanooga to see the grandchildren before going home. We were only home for a week before Ron went to Colorado and then flew to Florida. I met him in Florida for a few days and then we both flew to Chicago, back to the site of first trip of the year. 

I have never traveled this much in one twelve month period; I was gone from home close to twenty-seven weeks. I traveled a few times alone, but most of my travel was with my sweet husband. I love seeing our great nation with the love of my life. And I look forward to next year, whether we spend it home in North Texas or on new adventures around the country. 

3 thoughts on “Traveling in 2015

  1. Oh Kathleen, I am so glad for you, I work in an American university and most of the Americans I have met have only been to their one state and none other within the US. The US is one large country and each part is different from the other. The language unifies them, of course.

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