Guest Blog: Oh, the places we’ve gone and the places we’ll go

So much going on this week! Mostly I’m trying to recover from the past six weeks: Ron’s surgery (he’s recovering well), Bob and Gretchen moving in, Thanksgiving, Adam in town, Christmas, new granddaughter, Bob and Gretchen moving out, New Years, and Ron having a group of friends over last night. 

Today is the first day back to work for Ron after more than a week off, and it’s a day of paperwork for me. Tomorrow I’ll get ready for Margaret and my stepmom arriving Wednesday. We have our second family Christmas with them and one of my sisters on Friday and Saturday. 

I’m not doing much writing. Too many other things happening! So I’ve chosen to share posts by some bloggers you may not know.  

Dispatches From the Field is a fun blog where biologists, naturalists, and others share stories of their time “in the field” doing research on plants and animals. I find these stories very interesting and entertaining.  Today’s post has links to many from the previous year. Check it out!

2015 has come and gone, and here at Dispatches from the field we are celebrating! Celebrating our first full year in operation. Celebrating more than 10,000 views since we started including 7000+ visitors, and attention from well over 125 countries. But most of all we want to celebrate fieldwork and the plethora of posts that […]

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