Dear Mommas

Dear Grieving Mommas,

A little humor to brighten your Saturday. And a bit of encouragement.

Looking back on the first fifteen days of 2016 it looks like my top New Years Resolutions include:

1. Forget the budget. What budget?

2. Never again balance the checkbook.

3. Pay no bills.

4. Avoid completing any Precept Bible Study.

5. Do not wear out my new running shoes.

6. Keep bike tires off the ground to avoid flats.

7. Salads are for sissies.

8. Help the local economy by patronizing area restaurants daily.

9. Watch every favorite movie.

10. Waste no energy by using unneeded appliances such as the vacuum, washer, or dryer.

It seems that grief makes it harder to accomplish things, even two-plus years out. But I did change my behavior by yestersay afternoon. I paid bills, balanced the checkbook and did a bit of cleaning. A very little bit.

Even on hard days, I can choose one or two things I need to do and do them. I can choose to do one next right thing. It may be a little thing like shaving my legs, which I did yesterday. Or a hard thing like the phone call to take Andrew off the Voter Roll, which is another thing I did yesterday. One step at a time, one next right thing daily, and I find myself walking in healing, joy, and grace for those around me.

How are you doing this new year? Are you choosing to do the next right thing, even a small thing? If you are, wonderful! If not, why not try it today? Just one thing. One small giant step forward toward healing in your grief.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. I am praying for you all.


A grieving empty nester with smooth legs and clean laundry

4 thoughts on “Dear Mommas

  1. Kathleen,
    I thought that the list you mentioned above was your actual list of new year resolutions and as I read on, I realised you were laughing at yourself. I can so identify with this. I used to do this – I am wonderful at procrastination. My helper man has gone to his country on vacation, so I have been doing chores myself, including cleaning the house and bathrooms, things I haven’t done since the early days of my marriage. As the days go by, I find I am enjoying it too. So I understand why the old timer women used to enjoy housework. I think I would too, if I kept at it for long enough.

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