New Years Resolutions 

Looking back on the first fifteen days of 2016 it looks like my top New Years Resolutions include:

1. Forget the budget. What budget?

2. Never again balance the checkbook.

3. Pay no bills.

4. Avoid completing any Precept Bible Study.

5. Do not wear out my new running shoes.

6. Keep bike tires off the ground to avoid flats.

7. Salads are for sissies.

8. Help the local economy by patronizing area restaurants daily.

9. Watch every favorite movie.

10. Waste no energy by using unneeded appliances such as the vacuum, washer, or dryer. 

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions 

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  2. Haha! It happens to us all, Kathleen. My budget was all made and ready and then got run over on day 2 by some unforeseen events. 😀 Never fear, it’s only day 16—there’s still 349 days to go.

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    • I managed a much more productive afternoon!

      1. Worked on the budget and did not buy all the clothes in my LL Bean wish list.
      2. Balanced all accounts to the penny.
      3. Paid all bills due this month.
      4. Lesson 3 of Abraham study done.
      5. Looked at my shoes and moved them to the shoe shelf. This included doing one squat to pick them up.
      6. Bike. Nope.
      7. Salad for lunch.
      8. Eating at home today.
      9. Have not turned on the DVD player all day.
      10. Vacuumed my room, closet, and bathroom. Washed and dried four loads of laundry!

      Plus I cleaned my desk and office, packed a couple of boxes to be shipped to my kids, made calls to doctor offices, shaved my legs, and answered emails.

      I feel like a valuable human again.

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