What’s On My Mind?

“What’s on my mind?” Facebook asks.

I’ll tell you what’s on my mind. Death. And peace. 

Another young man from our community died suddenly early this week. Many of my kids’ friends are friends of his. They are posting about their grief, sadness, and confusion over his death.

Every time. Every single time this happens it gets me down. I hate that these kids know grief. I hate what Mitchell’s parents are facing. I hate that sin and death are in this world. 

I rejoice that he knew Christ, knows Him now. I rejoice that we can know peace in the midst of our grief because of the blood of Jesus.

I am grateful for my friends and the Body of Christ who help me deal with the loss of my son, and I know others will help Mitchell’s family. 

I pray for his family and his friends. I pray for those in his fraternity who returned to school to find him gone. I pray for those who loved him. 

And I pray that each of you find peace. If you haven’t yet, turn to Jesus today. He is the Prince of Peace. He can and will help you find peace and joy and healing. 

Have a great day, my sweet friends.

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