This powerful post had me in tears this morning. So many little, and huge, things I did wrong as a parent. I wish I could undo so many things. I wish I had been a better mom. But I cannot undo what has been done or unsay what I said. 

I can admit my part in what I know and ask forgiveness. When they bring something up that I didn’t know about, I can admit my part and ask forgiveness. I can ask God to show me so that I can admit my part and ask forgiveness…but I can never undo the hurt. Only God can heal their pain. I wish I could.

“Kids are funny. Being the aunt of a beautiful 2 year old has been so much fun. Especially on vacation. We now do so many things that you just don’t do as an adult “kid”: we go sledding, play in the snow, have goofy dance parties, play pretend, and run around singing “Frozen” at the top of […]”

One thought on “Guest Post: WHEN WORDS WOUND

  1. Hi Kathleen, thank you again for this beautiful reflection on my post. You’re right: God is loving and is able to bring healing and restoration to His children. I will definitely pray for you and your family:) you have a beautiful heart, and your love for your kids is very evident. Hugs to you xx

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