February Favorites #5: My family

I have an amazing family!

Summer of 2014, I shared pictures we’d had taken in May.

Since then, Lucy Marie has joined the family.

The photo shoot was not easy. It was the first time we’d all been together since the week of The Accident. Meredith had just given birth a few weeks earlier and was understandably tired after traveling with her family to Texas. The three little boys were great! But it’s still hard to get a newborn, toddler, and four-year-old to cooperate for pictures. And when our three sons stood together for a shot, the tears started to flow. It was clear to everyone that someone was missing. For just a moment, everything seemed to stop. Then someone cracked a joke, or a little boy did something goofy, and we all knew that life and joy would continue. I am grateful for my family. And I’m grateful that I got to be Andrew’s mom.

Click on this article to see more pictures of my beautiful kids!

My family

And if you are wondering why I don’t post more about my other children,

check out this post: Source: Why I don’t write a lot about my other children.


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