February Favorites # 12: God did not “need” my son in Heaven more than I needed him…

“At a church social Sunday night, a kind man tried to comfort me about Andrew’s death. He knew that this past week was the anniversary of The Accident and knew that those special days can be hard. He was trying to be kind.

I suppose it seemed odd to him that we can mention our children, including Andrew without tears or sorrow showing on our faces. We can go to parties and laugh and have fun even though our son is dead. (Hint: He is not dead but living in Heaven!)

God has healed my heart. And we love to laugh! Our kids – all of them – have given us great joy and great stories over the years. When talking about my kids I often smile. I love them bunches.

After asking what had happened, how Andrew had died, he said, “Well, God needed him in heaven more than you needed him on earth.””

Read about My answer…




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