February Favorites # 13: Tears in church

As you might expect, my grief journey has been filled with tears. And I have written about them more than once. Here are a few of the articles I wrote about tears:


“It has been almost 18 months since The Accident. Today is exactly 18 months since the last time I watched him perform. Tomorrow marks 18 months since the last time I hugged my son or spoke with him. The last time I saw his smile and heard his laugh. Until I see him in heaven.Grief is hard. But as times go by, and if we do the next right thing, it becomes easier to deal with. We can heal from the intense grief of losing a child with the help of God.Church services are still hard…” Read More:  Tears in church


“The last four days have been weepy. Silly thing have brought me to tears. Small things. Memories. Songs. Writing this post. Sometimes it feels good to have a cry. Other times it’s exhausting. These past few days the tears have been good. Cleansing even.We sat in the back at church yesterday because I knew I would cry. We have been traveling. When we go back to our home church after a long trip, I always cry more…” Read More: Tears in church, part two



“I have written in other places that the early days were full of sadness, sorrow, and grief with only glimpses of joy and peace, but most days are now full of peace, joy, and strength with only moments of sorrow and grief. I laugh a lot. I have a wonderful life.However, there are difficult times still. Grief hits hard at times. As I was going to bed last night, grief hit me. And I don’t know why…” Read more: Tears at Bedtime. And in the morning. 





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