God Uses Flawed People

I had forgotten what it felt like to have God use me to bless another person. Seriously. I had forgotten. I thought it couldn’t happen anymore. Not with me. I’d messed up one too many times. I don’t show it in public, but my husband saw it. I saw it. 

I had begun to feel worthless. As if I had nothing to offer. As if my mistakes and my failures meant that I could not help another woman in her marriage or in her relationship with her children. I’ve been struggling the last couple of months. The enemy has been reminding me of all my failures and flaws. I had no value. 

But God…

Yesterday morning I saw God work through me in a beautiful way. I am thrilled to know that He will use someone as messed up and flawed as me. Someone who made so many mistakes. Someone so imperfect. He will use even me to help another mom who is hurting. It was beautiful. 

Thank you, Lord, for using me. Thank you for loving me enough for wanting to make me feel needed.

It is not really me He used. But His truth. Truth from the Word of God. Ladies, study the Word! Read it! Study it! Meditate on it! Know it so that you are able to share it when another needs to hear truth in love. If we don’t know truth we can’t share truth!

I studied Joshua this week. Rahab. How she hid the spies and because of her faith she is the line of David and Jesus. A harlot! In the royal line! God’s own son has a foreign prostitute for a great great grandmother! She is listed right there in Matthew! And in Hebrews and James as having great great faith! She was counted righteous because of her faith! Nothing is counted against her because of her mistakes! Glory! 

That’s not what I shared with this lady, but that’s what God showed me!  Then I shared other truth with my friend.

Here is one truth is shared with her:


Ladies, this is truth from God’s Word. For all of us.

Please, do not use your body as a way to control or manipulate your spouse. That is not that way God intended us to be. He designed sex to be a beautiful thing within marriage.

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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