I just hate when my Precept Bible study is all about how some guy did the wrong thing and had to pay the consequences for his sin in front of the entire nation. The past two days I looked at Achan in Joshua. He got stoned and burned and everything due to his sin. 

I hate it when my study is about stuff like this because….well…I hate it because when the Holy Spirit shows you something, you are responsible to act on it. He holds me accountable for what He teaches me! It is just so hard! And so NOT FAIR!

So, yep. I had to go to someone and confess my sin. I had to admit that I was wrong and….I had to apologize and ask forgiveness. Right there in front of my husband, God, and everybody! 

That is last Bible study I am ever going to do! Ever! 

Well, at least until tomorrow.

Thank you, again, Anne Coleman Harrison, for leading us through Joshua. You are an amazing teacher! I appreciate the time and effort you put into leading the women at our church. 

PS. I liked the part about God using a harlot last week a lot better. It was much more fun to study how God can redeem my yucky stuff and do cool things through me!

PSS. Can we study about somebody getting a new pony next week? Or a shiny new bicycle?

2 thoughts on “Joshua 

  1. I’m pretty sure the ponies and shiny bikes are in 2nd Parentheses. Most people don’t read that far into the bible, though, so I encourage you to keep going! You’ll know you’re in the right place because Jesus, in the red words, says, “Come on guys!! Seriously?!?!”

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