The Dress

I’m not sure how I found Beauty Beyond Bones, but I am very glad I did! The author writes about her recovery journey involving anorexia. But this blog is really about so much more! 

It is about life…and Jesus…and overcoming challenges everyone of us faces every single day! She shares her challenges in a way that helps me relate them to my challenges. Her challenges took shape in the form of an eating disorder. 

No, that’s putting it too simply….

Beauty Beyond Bones is beauty beyond anorexia. And she has found that the love of Jesus is so great that it is beyond all of our problems, but it is never beyond our reach. 

I just want to offer an alternative way of thinking, so that every time we hear that question, we can be reminded of this: 

Yes, the dress is beautiful. Elegant. Extravagant. Worthy of a Disney princess. And yes, the dress makes the actress look amazing. But it’s not the dress that’s making the woman look beautiful. It is the woman in the dress….Read more: The Dress

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