5 thoughts on “Grief

      • You go girl friend in Jesus 🙂 I have been writing poetry for years and I keep to no one poetry form. In fact someone asked me what type of poetry I write and I said the type the Lord gives me! ~ Have a blessed day with Jesus ~

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        • I don’t get to read yours every day. But let me tell you…more than once you have brought me to tears. The words. The scripture you quoted. Just what I needed in the moment! The Holy Spirit has used you to speak words of life and truth to me in a dark time. Thank you for being there.

          Love you my sister in Christ. Maybe some day we will actually meet this side of heaven.


          • When I do write, it is not always from something that I am going through. As I read, study, and listen to what others are going through I write what I think I would need if I was in that situation. In the end it usually is something that helps me too. I wrote a poem about a women I met at the grocery store. I didn’t know if she was a Christian so I asked her if she knew Jesus. Indeed she did and we talked about all she was going through and how we just knew God had a purpose for everything.

            It blesses me to know God has used my poems to bless you 🙂 This place of grief is not for wimps! We must draw all of our strength from God lest we will fall apart. I am so thankful that He bore my grief and suffered my loss and though this I can have that peace, that wonderful amazing, I don’t get it, peace!

            It would be nice to meet before heaven and you just never know what God’s plans are. If He can part the red sea He could surely bring two people together who are thousands of miles apart 🙂

            ~ Be Blessed and keep God strong ~

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